International Team

The people who make it happen

Who are the international consultants?

A small team of NFP International Consultants support the introduction, testing, researching and expansion of the NFP program within the many different societies implementing the program.  The International Consultants work with Professor David Olds as part of the University of Colorado, Denver, and all have long standing in depth experience and understanding of the program clinical model and implementation requirements.

David Olds

Program Founder & Oversees International Program 

David Olds is Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Colorado Denver, where he directs the Prevention Research Center for Family and Child Health.  His work has focused on developing and testing in a series of randomized controlled trials a program of prenatal and infancy home visiting known as the Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP).

Ann Rowe

NFP International Consultant

Ann is an International Consultant for the implementation of the Nurse-Family Partnership program, currently working primarily with Bulgaria, England, Norway, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Ann was Clinical Director of the Family-Nurse Partnership (FNP) Program National Unit in England from its initiation in 2007 until August 2015, adapting the program for the UK, and providing clinical leadership and developing the educational program. Over her career Ann has worked within local, regional and national NHS settings as well as within Universities and within Governmental departments. 

Gail Radford-Trotter

NFP International Consultant

Gail is an International Consultant for the implementation of the Nurse-Family Partnership program, currently working primarily with Australia and Canada. Gail was previously the FNP Implementation Lead for Scottish Government and FNP Clinical Director Director, NHS Education, Scotland until April 2018. She provided clinical leadership in Scotland for almost 10 years and was also responsible for overseeing the quality of the education program and clinical implementation of the programme across the country. Gail has worked across NHS is a variety of backgrounds including research and education at two Scottish Universities and more latterly as a Chief Nurse in NHS Lothian Scotland.

Benjamin Jutson

International Program Coordinator

Ben provides support through the licensing process, manages the NFP International website, and is first point of contact if you have interest or questions about implementing NFP in your country. 

What else does the team do?

In addition to specific work with individual countries, the NFP International Consultants work collaboratively with the whole International NFP community to ensure that experience and expertise is shared between countries for the benefit of all, and that new developments are integrated within each society.
  • Facilitating a network of clinical leads within the Clinical Advisory group
  • Developing a shared resource of materials for the program to be accessed by all NFP leads, including guidance, clinical and client resources and educational materials
  • Sharing new research and developments for the program and providing guidance on how these can be adopted by the different participating countries
  • Developing and sharing evidence based  ‘best practice’ guidance for International implementation of the NFP program
  • Creating and updating this International NFP website

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